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Allan Gill

Allan Gill is a semi-retired veterinarian living in Kelowna, B.C., specializing mainly in companion animals.
Allan has long admired the beauty and simplicity of the conventional black and white X Rays that have been an important part of his work as a veterinarian but always realized the technology had far reaching capabilities.
Recently, inspired by the work of Bert Myer and several other fine art photographers, Allan, with the assistance of a radiologist friend, and also technical assistance from a photoshop expert, has decided to explore this little-known art form.

Images that are seen here start as conventional black and white X Rays, that are then refined to enhance and isolate the delicate structures found in flowers and plants. This is much more difficult and delicate than one would expect, responding directly to the intuition and talents of Allan as a photographer and X Ray technician. The near transparent, delicate features of the petals can be lost when trying to establish the hidden contents of the stems and buds.

The resulting images, with overlapping lines and shapes, have a translucent, somewhat ethereal glow, showing leaves, veins, and internal structures in a delicate balance that conventional photography is unable to achieve.

Images are offered in black and white, both as a negative (X Ray) image, and a positive image (black on white background), as well as colourized images.

This new look at the well established art medium of photography, with a radical look at familiar objects make Allan's work not only unique but as he explores the medium he finds the art in the science.

Allan has recently been featured in two International Photography Magazines.

LensWork (May 2011) out of Washington has featured his X-Ray photographs giving new readers the idea of how wonderful this medium is for showing the lifeforms of living plants.

"digitalis foto" is a magazine out of Czechoslovakia that has taken his artform to a whole new continent. They have done a feature on Allen that has already found new viewers that have contacted us from abroad.

This new exposure will surely help Allen reach a wider audience.

Allan Gill: Calla Lily Allan Gill: Calla Lily Allan Gill: Iris - Orange 1/8
Calla Lily
24 x 18 in.   X-Ray on canvas
Calla Lily
36 x 24 in.   X-Ray on canvas
Iris - Orange 1/8
16 x 13 in.   X-Ray on paper   
Allan Gill: Yellow Columbine - Coloured 1/8 Allan Gill: Echinacia - Coloured 1/8 Allan Gill: Iris Inverted
Yellow Columbine - Coloured 1/8
20 x 13 in.   X-Ray on paper
Echinacia - Coloured 1/8
20 x 13 in.   X-Ray on paper
Iris Inverted
40 x 30 in.   X-Ray on canvas   
Allan Gill: Daffodil Allan Gill: Brown Beauty Magnolia Allan Gill: Chinese Lantern 2/8
10 x 8 in.   Photography
Brown Beauty Magnolia
16.5 x 22.5 in.   X-Ray on paper
Chinese Lantern 2/8
18 x 13.5 in.   Photography On Canvas

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