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Beverley Binfet

Photo of Beverley BinfetAfter years as an elementary school teacher and following a brief sojourn into commercial retail design, Beverley Binfet graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1993 from Okanagan University College.

Beverley's work creates for the viewer provocative two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional subject matter that is both pleasing and puzzling to the eye.

Beverley says that "the understated beauty of the still life; the evocative simplicity of a peaceful landscape; the thrilling purity of objects and nature in their basic form are the elements from which I draw inspiration for my art. I am continually motivated by my surroundings and, while I try to find unique approaches to design, my primary focus is on the pure simplicity of the basic shapes as they contribute to the composition. I purposely restrict my work to a limited palette and, while I layer the colours and scratch the surface, both literally and metaphorically, my art evolves its own reality."

Beverly lives in Penticton where she is constantly motivated and challenged by the material she finds around her in the surrounding environment.

Artist's Statement

My life experiences inspire my art. I frequently paint in response to my surroundings or the landscape. Recently, I have begun to incorporate images of figures into my paintings and to me they symbolize people in various life situations. I purposely edit as much detail as possible in order to capture just the essence of the situation in each painting. In this manner, the viewer is invited to interpret the painting according to his or her own unique experience.

It is often in the very simple, commonplace events of daily life that I find a quiet joy and an added richness.These moments bring me great pleasure that hopefully will be passed on through my art.

As I create a painting, certain feelings and thoughts present themselves and help me formulate the title for the work. Viewers may then consider the title as a suggestion or a guidepost that merely points them in a general direction. In this way they are freer when interpreting the work in their own personal way.

Beverley Binfet: Time for Lunch Beverley Binfet: Great Idea Beverley Binfet: A Good Night to Howl
Time for Lunch
14 x 11 in.   Oil on board
Great Idea
14 x 11 in.   Oil on board
A Good Night to Howl
14 x 11 in.   Oil on board
Beverley Binfet: Familiar Boundaries Beverley Binfet: Okanagan Summer Beverley Binfet: Smell the Clover
Familiar Boundaries
12 x 14 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Okanagan Summer
30 x 15 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Smell the Clover
12 x 12 in.   Oil on canvas   
Beverley Binfet: But, Why Dad? Beverley Binfet: Brewing Storm Beverley Binfet: Guess Who I saw Today II
But, Why Dad?
15 x 10 in.   Mixed Media
Brewing Storm
16 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas
Guess Who I saw Today II
10 x 10 in.  
Beverley Binfet: Reflections Beverley Binfet: Lure of the Garden Beverley Binfet: Like Old Times
16 x 16 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Lure of the Garden
18 x 12 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Like Old Times
24 x 20 in.   Mixed Media
Beverley Binfet: Special Times Beverley Binfet: On our Way Beverley Binfet: Are We Almost There?
Special Times
10 x 15 in.   Mixed Media
On our Way
12 x 12 in.   Acrylic on canvas   
Are We Almost There?
24 x 18 in.   Mixed Media   
Beverley Binfet: Morning Walk Beverley Binfet: West Wind Beverley Binfet: Making Time
Morning Walk
11 x 14 in.   Mixed Media   
West Wind
16 x 20 in.   Oil on canvas   
Making Time
12 x 12 in.   Oil on canvas   
Beverley Binfet: Wind Gusts Beverley Binfet: The Lay of the Land Beverley Binfet: The View
Wind Gusts
6 x 6 in.   Acrylic on board   
The Lay of the Land
20 x 24 in.   Acrylic
The View
12 x 12 in.   Acrylic
Beverley Binfet: Road To Nowhere Beverley Binfet: Bowl and Vase Beverley Binfet: October's  Blanket
Road To Nowhere
30 x 36 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Bowl and Vase
24 x 48 in.  
October's Blanket
30 x 24 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Beverley Binfet: Acceptance
36 x 30 in.   Acrylic on canvas

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