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Bruce Herchenrader

Bruce Herchenrader

Bruce Herchenrader was born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1949. Painting has been a life-long fascination for him. As a young student he showed an aptitude for painting, but in high school he was interested in the same things that interest most teenagers of that time. He grew through that tumultuous era that created the Beatles, Tommy, Hair, and the evolution of Kraft Dinner. Emerging from this and high school, he did not immediately turn to painting, but rather to a succession of different jobs. Finally in 1973, being disillusioned with most things he had put his hands to, he drifted back to his painting.

"I was brought back to painting not by any logical progression but more because of intuition. It was an internal motivation that I could never quite put my finger on until I realized the peace and pleasure I derived from the creative process".

The artist has learned most things pertaining to his craft on his own. He credits the public libraries as being invaluable over the years allowing him access to the work of those artists he greatly admires. This avenue of approach to studying painting has allowed him to glean different techniques and incorporate them into his own emerging style.

Over the years his works have been many and varied.His fascination with life's quieter nooks and crannies has led him to create a diverse range of subject matter. The human figure has been absent from his paintings so as to allow the viewer to project their own thoughts into them.

In 1982 the artist produced his first original prints.Previous to that he had produced reproductions but never felt that these types of prints offered the quality of light and detail that his original watercolours did.Armed with determination and library books he set out to teach himself the fine art of producing serigraphs.

The process of serigraphy allows the artist to create more than one original image by laying down multiple layers of ink. His serigraphs have now matured to the point where they have the same luminosity and brilliance as one of his watercolours.

"I have derived a great deal of satisfaction from my work over the years and can only hope that those people who view my works will enjoy finding the same internal quite and solitude as I".

Bruce Herchenrader: Lighthouse At Point Au Baril, Georgian Bay
Lighthouse At Point Au Baril, Georgian Bay
36 x 48 in.   Acrylic on canvas

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