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Celia Collin

Celia has a unique touch when it comes to depicting local homes and scenery, which has been strongly evidenced by the numerous commissions received and the many sales she has made. Many of Celia's paintings reflect her love of Bermuda life and color, showing sometimes a typical pastel-hued house with palm shadows playing on its white roof, or a quaint lane in old St. George's with a profusion of overhanging flowers. Another favourite landscape subject is the outlying areas of Great Britain. She paints the sea in all its moods-a quiet landlocked bay; great waves breaking over jagged rocks or the brilliance of the open sea. All this Celia executes with sure experienced strokes mainly with a pallet knife, which enhance the life and spontaneity in the moment captured.In spite of the emotion one has while experiencing her inspirations of a moment, one is still aware of the carefully planned composition with its contrast in tone used skillfully to bring the eyes to the desired focal point.

Celia Collin: Morning Light, Vancouver Celia Collin: Washing Day, Hebrides, Scotland Celia Collin: The Way To Anderson Lake
Morning Light, Vancouver
20 x 16 in.   Oil on canvas   
Washing Day, Hebrides, Scotland
16 x 20 in.   Oil on canvas   
The Way To Anderson Lake
16 x 20 in.   Oil on canvas
Celia Collin: By the Water's Edge, Evia Island, Greece Celia Collin: Sunrise, Plocton, Scotland Celia Collin: Sunset Over Eileen Donan Castle
By the Water's Edge, Evia Island, Greece
16 x 20 in.   Oil on canvas
Sunrise, Plocton, Scotland
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas   
Sunset Over Eileen Donan Castle
20 x 30 in.   Oil   

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