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Connor Charlesworth

Photo of Connor CharlesworthBorn in Kelowna,BC, Canada, Connor Charlesworth grew up spending endless hours watching his father, well known artist Rod Charlesworth, paint. This nurtured an internal passion for object making and creating something out of nothing. As a kid growing up, he attended various exhibitions of The Group of Seven, to the Impressionists and Surrealists and found himself immersed in the culture and history of painting.

Connor is currently attending the University of British Columbia Okanagan for his bachelors degree, and has plans to obtain a masters degree abroad in painting. Attending university has provided Connor with the facilities necessary for print media including screen printing and lithography. The adoption of screen printing into his artistic practice has allowed him to synthesize both photographic and hand drawn imagery in to his work and ultimately, think about new, innovative ways to communicate ideas.

Connor’s recent paintings are an exploration of the physicality of places. This occurs either through a direct interaction with a place, or through photographic reference. The places he’s most interested in studying are ones which contain a certain psychological resonance that can be injected with a subconscious narrative that makes viewers question “whats going on here?”

View a video of Rod and Connor Charlesworth sharing a studio here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rv-e7ZFnQM

Connor Charlesworth: Sweeping the Shield Connor Charlesworth: Around the Bend, Dee Lake Connor Charlesworth: Spring Thaw
Sweeping the Shield
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas
Around the Bend, Dee Lake
24 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas   
Spring Thaw
12 x 36 in.   Oil on canvas
Connor Charlesworth: Dry Haze (Island Lake) Connor Charlesworth: Boston Bar Connor Charlesworth: Moonshine (Consumed)
Dry Haze (Island Lake)
30 x 22 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Boston Bar
24 x 36 in.   Oil on canvas
Moonshine (Consumed)
30 x 22 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Connor Charlesworth: Coast Connor Charlesworth: Reflect Connor Charlesworth: Dal-kath-lieu, Near Masset
24 x 48 in.   Oil on canvas   
30 x 36 in.   Oil on canvas   
Dal-kath-lieu, Near Masset
30 x 40 in.   Oil on canvas   
Connor Charlesworth: Light Shafts, Adams River Connor Charlesworth: Milk River Meanders Connor Charlesworth: Okanagan River from Road 22
Light Shafts, Adams River
24 x 24 in.      
Milk River Meanders
20 x 30 in.   Oil on canvas   
Okanagan River from Road 22
18 x 36 in.   Oil on canvas   
Connor Charlesworth: Turtle Mountain Connor Charlesworth: Bogged Down (Pear Lake) Connor Charlesworth: Red Shoes (Wading In)
Turtle Mountain
11 x 14 in.   Oil on canvas
Bogged Down (Pear Lake)
18 x 14 in.   Oil on canvas
Red Shoes (Wading In)
60 x 60 x 1.5 in.   Oil on canvas

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