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George Bates FCA CSMA

Photo of George Bates FCA CSMAGeorge W. Bates was born in London, England.He came to North America in 1954 at the age of 23, living in Toronto and Los Angeles before settling in Vancouver, BC, in 1956.His approach to painting draws from both the realist and the impressionist traditions. He was, from the beginning, influenced by artists such as John Singer Sargent and British impressionists like Alfred Sisley, but later came to appreciate the work of the great marine painters Montague Dawson and Norman Wilkinson. Bates also learned much from his friend of thirty years, Edwin C. Lockey, as artist who valued simplicity of design in his own work.On painting, George has commented that "the need, the desire, to paint or participate in any of the arts is innate and is incapable of analysis.I believe that it is one of the few traits that defines mankind".

Light is what makes the paintings of George Bates appear spontaneous and effortless. The same way a musician internalizes the music he or she plays so that it seems that the piece plays itself is how George thinks a painting should look, painted with ease and with magic.

Since his first one-man show in Vancouver in 1971, Bate's work has been widely exhibited. His one-man exhibitions have appeared regularly, ususally each year or two. His work has been included in various group showings, as well as prominent charity auctions, fundraisers, and professional art association exhibitions. He is represented in many private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and the Far East.

Bates is a Charter Member of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists and was elected Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1983.

Bates resides with his wife, Shirley, in West Vancouver. His favored subjects are the places he constantly revisits, and has come to know best through his art: the Pacific Northwest, California, and the American Southwest, but also the street scenes and landscapes of Europe, especially France and his first homeland, Britain.

George Bates FCA CSMA: Big Sur Coast, California II 2364 George Bates FCA CSMA: North of Seymour Narrows - 1986
Big Sur Coast, California II 2364
24 x 30 in.   Oil on canvas
North of Seymour Narrows - 1986
22 x 28 in.   Oil on canvas

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