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Jack Hambleton

Photo of Jack HambletonJack Hambleton was born in Preston England and came to Canada in 1924.

His early interest in drawing and painting led to some sporadic instruction at the Vancouver School of Art. Private study of art history and evening classes developed his painting techniques. Jack considers himself self-taught and throughout his life he loved painting and calligraphy. He worked in the design field for many years and was, until 1963, Art Director and partner with Challier Associates in Vancouver. In 1962 he was president of the Art Directors Club of Vancouver.

He and his wife Lorna moved to Kelowna in 1964 where they opened the Hambleton Galleries on Bernard Ave. In 1966 Jack and Lorna built the Gallery at Chandler Street where the family lived upstairs and the gallery was downstairs. Jack suffered a heart attack in 1988 and passed away.

Photo shows Jack and Lorna with good friends and artists O.N.(Rick) de Grandmaison and Robert Genn on Lorna's left and Peter Ewart and Egbert Oudendagg on Jack's right.
Jack was instrumental in introducing fine art to the Okanagan as both a collector and an artist. He has had many one-man exhibitions at important galleries in Westen Canada and his work has been exhibited in juried shows in Canada and the United States. His paintings are included in many hundreds of private and corporate collections.

Jack Hambleton: Christmas Boat, Provincetown, Mass Jack Hambleton: Marina - Gold Jack Hambleton: Okanagan Lake from Knox Mountain - 1977
Christmas Boat, Provincetown, Mass
12 x 16 in.   Oil on canvas
Marina - Gold
18 x 36 in.   Oil on board
Okanagan Lake from Knox Mountain - 1977
10 x 12 in.   Oil on board
Jack Hambleton: North Kalamalka Lake Jack Hambleton: Duck Lake From Beaver Lake Road - 1968 Jack Hambleton: Street in Puerto Vallarta
North Kalamalka Lake
24 x 36 in.   Oil
Duck Lake From Beaver Lake Road - 1968
16 x 30 in.   Watercolour
Street in Puerto Vallarta
20 x 8 in.   Mixed Media
Jack Hambleton: Tropical Marina Jack Hambleton: 20 Year Anniversary of the Hambleton Gallery - 1983
Tropical Marina
10 x 12 in.   Watercolour
20 Year Anniversary of the Hambleton Gallery - 1983
30 x 36 in.   Photography

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