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James E. Wood

Photo of James E.  WoodJames E. Wood was born in Kelowna and lived in the Okanagan Valley for 10 years. He has since lived in the Ghost River area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, as well as in the rain forest of northern Vancouver Island, BC, and in Calgary. James presently resides in the Badlands of Drumheller Alberta. A third-generation artist, he follows in the footsteps of his father, Karl E. Wood and his grandfather, Robert E. Wood. In his work, James pursues a contemporary, representational approach to his landscape and wildlife subjects. He started his career in art working in Stained Glass, moving to oil painting in 2004 and in 2012 started on a journey to learn the art of bronze and stone sculpture. James finds that his love of nature is a major inspiration in the creation of his artwork, and has always spent considerable time outdoors in various pursuits including: hiking, fishing, camping and fossil hunting. James is an avid collector of fossils and mineral specimens, finding his first fossils at age 6 and continuing his pursuit ever since. Many of his discoveries have been donated to the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology and can be found among their most rare specimens. While James continues to enjoy painting, he has found a way to share his love of the natural world with his audience through sculptures which incorporate mineral specimens from all over the globe including: Petrified Wood, Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Ammolite, Alabaster and Marble. Hambleton Galleries is proud to represent the work of James Wood.

James E.  Wood: Summer Stroll James E.  Wood: Okanagan Pine James E.  Wood: Around the Bend
Summer Stroll
9 x 12 in.   Oil on canvas
Okanagan Pine
24 x 16 in.   Oil on canvas
Around the Bend
8 x 12 x 12 in.  
James E.  Wood: Fall Harmony James E.  Wood: Autumn Glory James E.  Wood: Rosedale Autumn
Fall Harmony
16 x 12 in.   Oil on Panel
Autumn Glory
16 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas   
Rosedale Autumn
12 x 9 in.   Oil on board   
James E.  Wood: Lake View Trail James E.  Wood: Echoes James E.  Wood: Northern Light
Lake View Trail
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas
12 x 9 in.   Oil on canvas
Northern Light
8 x 10 in.   Oil on board
James E.  Wood: Myra Hillside James E.  Wood: Creekside James E.  Wood: Myra Generations
Myra Hillside
Oil on canvas
9 x 12 in.   Oil on canvas
Myra Generations
14 x 7 in.   Oil on canvas
James E.  Wood: Creekside Willows and Aspens James E.  Wood: Evening Beauty James E.  Wood: Medicine Falls
Creekside Willows and Aspens
30 x 15 in.   Oil on canvas
Evening Beauty
16 x 12 in.   Oil on board
Medicine Falls
24 x 12 in.   Oil on canvas

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