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Jing Jia

Photo of Jing Jia Jing Jia was born in China and has shown in China before immigrating to Canada.

Jing now lives in Burnaby, British Columbia and paints in two distinct styles. One style is very impressionistic and is done in the manner of the French impressionists. With this style Jing paints Canadian scenes and experiences giving her a way to show her emotions and her love of nature. Her second style is more reminiscent of her homeland. She paints the costumes and customs of her homeland, China. This gives her a connection to her beginnings and lets her paint her motherland and familiar things.

Jing has now achieved Active status as a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Jing Jia : Spring Blosson Jing Jia : Spring Message Jing Jia : Fall in the Mission Creek Park
Spring Blosson
24 x 30 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Spring Message
24 x 24 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Fall in the Mission Creek Park
16 x 20 in.   Acrylic on canvas

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