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Judy Burns

Judy Burns

Judy has lived in the Kelowna area since 1993. Choosing to change careers she returned to University where she completed her Degree in Fine Arts from Okanagan University College in 1999. Since then she has been developing her art career. With training in a variety of disciplines she has established herself as a multi-media artist. In 2002 she was commissioned by Western Star Trucks to document the final 6 months of business leading up to the plant closure. She published a book ‘It’s about the People…. It’s about the truck they built’ that was distributed by the company to all of its employees on the closing day.

She has had a variety of exhibitions in both private and public galleries. In March of 2003 Judy’s photographic work was featured in a solo exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Images from the Western Star Project were shown. In 2006 a number of the pieces from the exhibition were accepted into the Kelowna Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

Subsequent exhibitions have featured mixed media works on paper and canvas. For the mixed media work she uses a combination of techniques such as digital, drawing and oils, to produce this work.Judy draws her inspiration for her work from the local artifacts and environment. She also travels extensively so those adventures influence her work as well.

In addition to producing artwork, Judy takes an active role in promoting arts in the community as a freelance curator, art consultant and as a volunteer for various Arts organizations. She has sat on the Public Art Committee the City of Kelowna since 2003 and has been the Chairperson for the committee since 2005.

Judy Burns: Visual Language II Judy Burns: Visual Language III Judy Burns: Wall
Visual Language II
12 x 18 in.   Photography   
Visual Language III
40 x 30 in.   Photography

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