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Merv Brandel

Photo of Merv BrandelBorn in Kelowna, BC on November 25, 1948. Merv attended school in Kelowna and then went on to specialize in commercial art at the Alberta College of Art. After graduating he pursued a career in commercial illustrating for 11 years. He owned and operated a commercial art business specializing in illustrations for architects and developers.

Merv started painting as a full time artist is 1984.
His work has been characterized by incredible photo realism. Where many have the ability to put on canvas the elements in the view, Merv is unique in his ability to capture the life of the subject and freeze it on the canvas. His pieces are haunting and beautiful to look at, with the strong point being that ability to capture the transience and the effect of light on the natural world.
He has had many one man shows at galleries in British Columbia and Alberta and his pieces are readily collected by buyers from all over the world. He has moved to the coast and his repertoire now includes seascapes as well as dry land pieces.

In the past few years Merv and his wife have switched studios with artists in England and the East coast of Canada to get a different view of the world. This opportunity has given them a chance to travel and for Merv to paint new material.

2002-Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
2000-Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC
1999-2005 Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1998 Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1998 Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary, AB
1997 Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1996 Hampton Galley, Kamloops, B.C.
1995 Alicat Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB
1990-94 Okanagan Artist Alternative
1991 Marks of Distinction, Beaver House, Edmonton, AB
1984 Festival of the Arts, B.C.
1984 Jury Show, Okanagan, B.C.
1970 Jury Show, Okanagan, B.C.

Merv Brandel: Soon Forgotten Merv Brandel: Recess Merv Brandel: Old Friend
Soon Forgotten
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas
24 x 30 in.   Oil
Old Friend
24 x 30 in.   Acrylic on canvas

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