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Rod Charlesworth

Rod Charlesworth was born in Terrace, BC, in 1955.Seven years later his family moved to Kelowna which has been his home ever since.

While largely self-taught, Rod studied for a year and a half in the Fine Arts department of Okanagan College.His early influences were many and include Van Gogh, Monet, and the Group of Seven.

His childhood fascination for drawing and painting has matured to a colourfully vibrant style which has put him in the vanguard of promising young Canadian painters.

His exceptional oil paintings now form part of many distinguished corporate collections, including Esso Canada, Alberta Government Telephone Company, Canadian Bank of Commerce, and Reed Stenhouse.It is interesting to note that Okanagan University College has commissioned Rod Charlesworth paintings to acknowledge major corporate donors to their "Bold Horizons" Campaign.

Acclaim for Rod Charlesworth's paintings is also expressed by his successful exhibitions at major galleries from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes.

Helping Rod to keep his feet on the ground as his career soars are his wife Jan, and their three sons.

Rod Charlesworth: Dusk, Northern Nicola Rod Charlesworth: The Dogs Danced Rod Charlesworth: Starry Night
Dusk, Northern Nicola
30 x 40 in.   Oil on canvas
The Dogs Danced
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas
Starry Night
8 x 10 in.   Oil on canvas
Rod Charlesworth: Lac Champlain Rod Charlesworth: Minnow Lake Rod Charlesworth: Red Reflections, Clifty Cove
Lac Champlain
10 x 12 in.   Oil on board
Minnow Lake
8 x 10 in.   Oil on canvas
Red Reflections, Clifty Cove
18 x 24 in.   Acrylic on canvas
Rod Charlesworth: Grey September 1985 Rod Charlesworth: Ring Around Frosty Rod Charlesworth: Near Vermillion Island
Grey September 1985
9 x 12 in.   Oil on board
Ring Around Frosty
20 x 32 in.   Oil on board   
Near Vermillion Island
18 x 24 in.   Oil on canvas   
Rod Charlesworth: Red Tablecloth (Signed J Jassper) Rod Charlesworth: Under Aurora Rod Charlesworth: Fraser River, Summer Colours
Red Tablecloth (Signed J Jassper)
30 x 20 in.   Oil on board
Under Aurora
92 x 35 x 22 in.   Fiberglass   
Fraser River, Summer Colours
10 x 20 in.   Oil on canvas   

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