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Shaz Ball

Photo of Shaz BallShaz, a clay artist and stone sculptor now residing in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia was raised in rural Alberta. Playing in the mud as a child is her first memory of working with the earth. In 1996 when introduced to working with clay she was immediately hooked. Stone carving followed.

Her eclectic interests, energetic personality and happy disposition are revealed in the diversification and originality of her art. The need to explore and expand as an artist leads Shaz on a constantly evolving path. Living in the Kingdom of Tonga for five years assisted Shaz in expressing the freedom of uninhibited dance and acceptance of self in her art. Music, body, dance, and life are her inspiration for her current works.

Shaz has exhibited her works in many group and solo exhibitions throughout BC and Alberta. She is the current president of Okanagan Potters Association, and a member of the Kelowna Sculptors Network Society. Her marble sculpture “Eternal Strength” carved in 2004 for the Kelowna Centennial Project “Connecting Links” was voted People's Choice.

Shaz Ball: Royalty Shaz Ball: Okanagan Cornucopia Shaz Ball: Kareena
15.5 x 16.25 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood
Okanagan Cornucopia
13 x 15.5 in.   Raku Pottery
33 x 6 in.   Raku Pottery
Shaz Ball: Self II Shaz Ball: Flo Shaz Ball: Medicine Tree
Self II
21 x 9.5 in.   Raku Pottery
17.5 x 6 in.   Raku Pottery
Medicine Tree
16 x 11.25 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood
Shaz Ball: Two Small Quails Shaz Ball: Quail Shaz Ball: Round Quail
Two Small Quails
6 x 6 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood
7 x 7 in.   Raku Pottery
Round Quail
8.5 x 8.5 in.  
Shaz Ball: One Shaz Ball: Mr. Jones Shaz Ball: Self
30 x 7 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood   
Mr. Jones
38 x 25 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood   
Clay Mounted on Wood   
Shaz Ball: Wine Pairings Shaz Ball: First Press Shaz Ball: Fresh Squeeze
Wine Pairings
15 x 13 in.   Raku Pottery   
First Press
18.5 x 12.75 in.   Raku Pottery   
Fresh Squeeze
19 x 8 in.   Raku Pottery   
Shaz Ball: Birch Bear Shaz Ball: Van Guard Shaz Ball: Fertility
Birch Bear
16.5 x 11 in.   Raku Pottery   
Van Guard
17 x 13 in.   Raku Pottery   
18 x 8 in.   Raku Pottery   
Shaz Ball: My Love Shaz Ball: Wanderer
My Love
14.5 x 8.5 in.   Raku Pottery   
13 x 17 in.   Clay Mounted on Wood   

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