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Shelley Wuitchik AFCA

Photo of Shelley Wuitchik AFCAEncaustic literally means to burn.

Three thousand years ago a few enterprising Greek shipbuilders discovered a new use for the beeswax they used to caulk the hulls. By adding colour and resin for hardness, they created a painting medium with unmatched depth and luminosity. Before long encaustic art could be found everywhere, from painted ships to depictions of everyday life on urns and even applied to statuary to render a lifelike glow. A thousand years after the Greeks discovered it painters in Egypt resurrected the medium crafting exquisite portraits to decorate the mummies of their patrons.

Encaustic is the soul of forgiving. It is immediate and allows no time for pondering or second guessing. It is elastic only for a few precious seconds between lifting it from a hot palette to cooling on a board. For all its urgency wax is incredibly malleable. If you donít like the way the work is progressing, you scrape it off and let it flow- instant transformation!

Painting encaustic is my passion. What could be more fun than melting beeswax infused with vibrant pigment, embedding found objects from home and travel, all the while building layers of unexpected textures?

My morning dog walk can result in the inclusion of arbutus bark and Japanese maple leaves as well as coffee beans in a series of paintings. My work mirrors my life which is also multi-layered, enriched by the texture of family and friends, and the ebb and flow of the seasons.

Shelley Wuitchik AFCA: Germination Shelley Wuitchik AFCA: Tidal Play 2 Shelley Wuitchik AFCA: Cadence
24 x 12 in.   Encaustic on Board
Tidal Play 2
12 x 36 in.   Encaustic on Board
36 x 48 x 1.5 in.   Encaustic on Board
Shelley Wuitchik AFCA: Tidal Play 1 Shelley Wuitchik AFCA: Scoria
Tidal Play 1
12 x 36 in.   Encaustic on Board
24 x 20 in.   Encaustic on Board

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