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Tim Hall

Tim Hall has had a love affair with drawing and painting since his childhood in New Zealand. Both his mother and sister are painters as well. Tim's paintings are characterized by a high realist style. They generally portray a landscape showing incredible understanding of nature and some are highlighted with animals or birds which share the interest in the landscape with the viewer.
"Painting, to me, is a celebration of the beauty of nature...I use my skills to portray it as realistically as possible and apply my creative freedom to balance and emphasize where necessary."

Tim Hall's appreciation of natural beauty has been enhanced through his profession as a Land Surveyor, both in Canada and in New Zealand. It has enabled Tim to travel and work in many magnificent areas where the innocence of nature remains.

I am particularly intrigued with wilderness scenery and truly believe that "the perception of beauty is indeed a moral test".

Tim Hall now lives with his wife near Princeton in southern British Columbia, Canada. His works form parts of distinguished collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and of course, Canada.

Tim Hall: Lower Similkameen Tim Hall: October Afternoon Tim Hall: Receeding Ice and Snow Geese
Lower Similkameen
24 x 32 in.   Oil on canvas
October Afternoon
24 x 32 in.   Oil on board   
Receeding Ice and Snow Geese
12 x 16 in.   Oil   

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