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At the Hambleton we believe that the high standards set by those that have gone before us dictates that same high standards be kept and to that end we offer these services with our personal guarantee.

Corporate Services

At the Hambleton, we believe that artwork is an essential element in the office environment. It defines your company’s personality and projects the image that you are carefully cultivating. The inclusion of art enhances moral and productivity, hints at your success and draws a connection between your company and the longevity of original art.

Today, the most successful corporations and even astute smaller companies are moulding their images using many techniques and beliefs. Most companies use ergonomics to find safe and comfortable ways to set up their floor plan. Many more use art to enhance the workspace and the front foyers where images are created or destroyed in a moment.

You know how walking into a foyer of a successful company and seeing original art makes you feel. Going the extra step to include art enhances your office image and may be that significant edge that will unconsciously put your offices ahead.

We also recognize that choosing the right artwork can be a daunting task. That’s why our art consultants are here to help you every step of the way. We are knowledgeable, discrete, and capable of helping you through every process in achieving your goals with art. From our initial free consultation to the finished installation, we will assist you (or your designer) find the art styles and framing designs that best compliment your space. Our understanding of colour and design will help any space make a stronger and more relevant impression.

The wide selection at the Hambleton is without equal in the interior and this enables us to suit virtually any taste. We feature original works (including sculpture and pottery), graphics and limited edition prints. Our fully profession staff utilizes the latest framing methods and materials to ensure the lasting quality of each piece.

Hambleton Galleries has been in business in Kelowna since 1964. Over the years, we have helped find just the right image for a wide range of clients – from hotels and banks to major corporations. Efficient and effective office spaces do not just happen by chance. They are cultivated. They are high tech. Let Hambleton Galleries find the right art work for your state-of-the-art company.

And ask about the tax advantages of purchasing original Canadian art through your company. Our sales staff is familiar with the latest tax bulletins.

Art Leasing/Rental Program

Art leasing has become a choice alternative for corporate purchases of art. Leasing offers definite cash flow and tax advantages and monthly payments can be as lows as $25.00. We will deliver and professionally install all the works chosen and will assure your complete satisfaction.

Other art related services:

  • Custom framing service
  • Art appraisal and restoration
  • Art cleaning
  • Crating and shipping of art works world wide
  • Gift certificates

We also represent fine art from the following artists:

Contemporary Artists:

Gaye Adams
Leona Amann
Shaz Ball
Bob and Lloyd Barnes
Joan Baron
Pavel Barta
Don Berger
Beverly Binfet
Leslie Bolin
Rick Bond
Connor Charlesworth
Aunaray Carol Clusiau
Leonard Cohen
Jan Crawford
Karel Doruyter
Elizabeth Dykosky
Michael Fantuz
Robert Genn
Sara Genn
Ken Gillespie
Kenna Graff
Francine Gravel
Jay Hambleton
Tiffany Hastie
Jessica Hedrick
Ron Hedrick
Maryann Hendriks
Mara Hofmann
Shawn A. Jackson
Alex Janvier
Byron Johnstad
Laurie Koss
Robyn Lake
Ken Q Li
Don Li-Leger
Nancy Lucas
Richard Menard
Daphne Odjig
Robert Dow Reid
Paul Reimer
John Revill
Joseph Sanchez
Allen Sapp
Carl Schlademan
David Sidley
Shirley Thompson
Tracy Turcotte
Ray Ward
Jeremie White
Ingrid Winkler
Robert E. Wood
Peter Wyse

Historical Artists:

George Bates
Carl Beam
Samuel Bough
I J Browning
A J Casson
Horace Champagne
Eddy Cobiness
Bobs Coghill Haworth
Alfred William Davey
Roland Gissing
Harry Goffey
O N de Grandmaison
Jack Hambleton
Lawren Harris
A Y Jackson
Joshin Kakegamic
Illingworth Holey Kerr
Zeljko Kujudzic
Claude Langevin
A C Leighton
Roy Lichtenstein
Jack Lee McLean
Norval Morrisseau
Tony Onley
Guttorn Otto
Warner Plangg
W J Phillips
Carl Ray
Gaston Rebry
Sampson Matthews Prints
Jack Shadbolt
Tetsura Sawada
K C Smith
Tom Thomson
Andy Warhol
Karl Wood
Robert E. Wood


Roger Arndt
Rod Charlesworth
Nicholas de Grandmaison
Alex Janvier
Anthony Law
Harold Lyon
Henri Leopold Masson
John Revil
Gary Whitley
Karl Wood