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Founded by Jack and Lorna Hambleton in 1963, the Hambleton Galleries are the oldest art gallery in the Okanagan Valley and one of the oldest in Western Canada. We’re honoured to carry on their tradition of supporting local and B.C. artists into the 21st century.

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We try our best to act in an ethical way, both in our personal and professional lives. We invite you to review our code of ethics and welcome feedback of any kind! If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at info@hambletongalleries.com.

Hambleton Galleries Code of Ethics

Updated May 2022



How we behave matters! The better we act the better humans we will be and the more successful we will be as a business.

•   Human decency. We know intuitively what is right and our actions are guided by that instinct. This includes:

•   Honesty. We do not lie.

•   Genuineness. We do not present a false demeanour.

•   Reasonableness. We try to do what is fair, not just what benefits us.

•   People over profits. We do what is right because humans deserve respect and our integrity is more important than profit.

•   Choosing kindness. Difficult and confrontational situations are unavoidable in life. We strive to choose kindness in those moments.

•   Professionalism. We have high standards for record keeping, written agreements, and proper behaviour.

•   Laws. We comply willingly and thoroughly with all laws—including tax and criminal codes—and do not seek to subvert them in any way.



Our clients are our guests and deserve respect, whether they purchase art or not.

•   Safe space. Everyone is welcome, period.

•   Privacy. We do not disclose the purchasers of artwork and work to keep your personal information as safe as possible.

•   No pressure. We do not employ sales tactics or manipulation to make sales.

•   Easy as possible. We want clients to enjoy their experience! We try to make purchasing and receiving artwork as simple as we can.


Our artists and consignors are the bedrock of our business.

•   Professional documentation. We create and securely store accurate and complete records for sales, inventory, and payments.

•   Gallery agreements for artists. Artists deserve security in their partnership with the gallery! We provide thorough gallery agreements to every artist outlining our responsibilities to one another so each party has clarity in the relationship.

•   Consignment agreements for consignors. Consignors deserve security when entrusting their artwork to us! We provide thorough consignment agreements listing the gallery’s responsibilities in caring for and selling their artwork so there is clarity and confidence in the relationship.

•   Prompt pay. We are the caretakers of the funds obtained for artists and consignors and we pay them promptly and accurately.

•   Inventory transparency. We do not own the artwork that is entrusted to us. We therefore immediately honour all requests for updated inventories or the return of artwork by an artist or consignor, and we do not withhold the sale status or whereabouts of artwork.

•   Respect. Artists and consignors are our equal partners and we treat them with courtesy and respect.

•   Communication. Good communication is essential in all relationships and so we strive to maintain honest and open dialogue with our partners.

•   Insurance. We properly and fully insure all artwork in our care.



Our employees are bound by this code of ethics and we are responsible for them.

•   Humans, not resources. We do not treat employees as a resource but rather as the complex individuals that they are! They deserve to be respected and treated well by their employer.

•   Living wage. We believe that employers have a responsibility to pay a living wage. We do not seek to take advantage of underpaid labour, do not accept work without pay, and do not engage in unpaid internships.

•   Health benefits. We believe that employers have a responsibility to supplement shortfalls in the social safety net by providing unconditional health benefits.

•   Discrimination and fair treatment. We do not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, religion, personal beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other unjust basis, and we aim to treat everyone as fairly and equally as possible.

•   Sexual harassment. We do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. We take any allegation of abuse extremely seriously and we believe survivors.


We wish to grow and better ourselves, which requires we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and words.

•   Tell us what we did wrong. We are open to critical feedback! How else will we learn and improve?

•   Report us. We are members of the Art Dealers Association of Canada (ADAC) and are bound to uphold our code of ethics. If we should fail in this, you may contact them at info@ad-ac.ca or 1-416-934-1583 to discuss your situation.


You may click here to download a PDF copy of our code.



“For our first commissioned painting, our experience with Joshua has been incredibly comfortable, pleasant and very welcoming! We were at ease to ask any questions and the whole process was seamless. We look forward to many more visits!”   —   Nathalie Begin


“Hambleton Gallery is our favourite art gallery.  Josh continuously shows a good variety of works, introducing new artists as well as nationally recognized names like Robert Genn, Allen Sapp and Daphne Odjig.  He is knowledgeable about the pieces and artists and is able to give background information that is useful and often entertaining.  We frequently stop in just to look around and admire the current display.  We have bought several works from Hambleton Gallery and enjoy them all, every day.”   —   Marian and Ralph Segreto


“I visited Hambleton galleries in December. Very charming gallery with many beautiful paintings and works of art. The artists are incredibly talented and I have since purchased a couple of paintings for myself. Joshua was very friendly and helpful with both of these transactions. I would highly recommend a visit or check out their works online.”   —  Natalie Verseghy


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Please note the following return and refund policies for artwork shipped or purchased in store:

    • IN STORE PURCHASES: Artwork may be returned for in-store credit within seven days of purchase.
    • SHIPPED PURCHASES: All sales are final. Artwork may not be returned, refunded, or exchanged.