Branko Marjanovic Solo Exhibition

Oct 08 2021 - Oct 22 2021

Originally from Europe, Branko Marjanovic immigrated to Canada in 1993, settling in Saskatoon and eventually moving to Calgary where he currently lives and works.

A self-taught artist, with a background in engineering and geology, Branko’s work displays both sound design and free flow elements. With a bright, saturated colour palette, and strategic light use, he captures a distinct landscape style. Although Branko paints in both oils and watercolour, his preference is in acrylic. Inspired by the Rocky Mountain landscape, Branko’s fascination is evident in his subject matter of the mountains, where he spends his weekends and holidays hiking.

“Painting is not work to me—it is something I become absorbed in. I am fascinated by the effect of the light and shade found in nature. Although I take photographs and sketches of the subject matter I paint, I do not allow them to control me. Thank you for the appreciation of my artwork. I am living the dream.”


To see a virtual tour of this exhibition, visit this address: https://bit.ly/3aFb1kU